We are in it for the long run!

Dragon Metal succeeds when our customers succeed. Dragon Metal Manufacturing believes in developing long lasting relationships of trust with our customers, rather than focusing on quick win burn-and-churn strategies. We look at all projects from a strategic point of view and we work with our customers in forecasting and timing exercises. This enables us to plan all production aspects in a frictionless manner, removing all hassle from our customers and freeing up valuable resources which can be spent on more added value projects.

We have developed relationships of trust with all the factories in our network. Dragon Metal is completely transparent about the chosen supplier and our customers are encouraged to visit the Chinese factory where production will take place. We especially like our customers to be present at least during the first sample sign-off stage.

Although we are completely transparent about our suppliers, we have contracts in place to ensure that our customer’s information remain confidential. We always ensure that confidentiality agreements are in place with our customers and suppliers before information is passed around. Unlike other sourcing companies, since Dragon Metal is an Australian company, you can rest assured that our contracts are all covered by Australian law.

Dragon Metal is here to support you every step of the way, from the quotation enquiry stage up to after production support. We are always available to listen to our customers and work with you to ensure that everything is working out the way you want it. With our quality guarantee, our frictionless project management and our personal support we know you will be not just satisfied but delighted with our service.

Our Origins

Dragon Metal Manufacturing was established by its founder and Managing Director, Phillip Harvey in 1992. Its foundation was based on a Joint Venture with the “Beijing Office of the Peoples Government of Harbin City”, initially as a commodity-based exporter and importer under the name SANEC.


In 2001 the company relocated its Australian Head Office from Sydney to Brisbane and SANEC continued to evolve. An increasing number of enquiries started coming from companies wanting to import products from China, so in 2004 a separate division was established (SANEC Dragon Sourcing) that focused on sourcing, and importing high quality products from China, with an increasing focus on metal manufacturing and fabrication.

Two offices were opened in China, (in Shanghai and Hangzhou), to coordinate all production and sourcing projects. A quality team was also setup in China to help supervise all stages of production at all core suppliers to ensure that any issues are detected immediately; this extra level of quality control is one of the reasons the company is still able to offer 100% quality guarantee on all production work.


With the further demand for fabrication and sourcing, this became the core capability of the company and the company name was changed from SANEC Dragon Sourcing to Dragon Metal Manufacturing Pty Ltd to emphasise this new direction.

Dragon Metal is currently partnered up with many Australian Manufacturers in a variety of different industries, including the mining, oil, agriculture, transport and heavy vehicle sectors with ongoing production solutions.


In parallel to its core fabrication and manufacturing business, in 2019 Dragon Metal Manufacturing established a collaboration with a network of Medical product manufacturers, to help provide a range of medical products aimed at helping in the fight against viruses and infections. All partners are certified ISO 9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001, thus meeting international standards and all medical products are GB19082-2009 and CE certified.


Offshore Metal Fabrication Service

The advancements in technology, work processes and quality of tradesmanship have been unparalleled in China. Those businesses in Australia who have overcome the reputation that China had for making cheap and low-quality products are now first-in-line for their industry-leading new and improved offshore metal fabrication services. Having said that, you get what you pay for. Dragon Metal is all about quality.

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Why choose Dragon Metal for your Offshore Metal Fabrication Project?

China continues to march forward in dozens of industries, with metal fabrication championing the charge. With the support of their government, China has become a frontrunner in the metal fabrication business.

When choosing to complete your metal fabrication project offshore, Dragon Metal isn’t just recommended, it’s game-changing. Below are 3 of the biggest reasons offshore metal fabrication is right for your business:


Massive Reduction of Costs

As stated above, materials, labour, processes, and shipping are all considerably more affordable when completed offshore. Many are unaware that shipping large projects from mainland China to an Australian capital city is cheaper than transport via truck between Australian Capitals.

For example, a shipment from Shanghai to Melbourne in a 40-foot container is likely to be cheaper than moving a project of the same size from Sydney to Melbourne via truck.

Combine this with massively cheaper bulk processes such as surface treatment, assembly, labour and sourcing materials and you can be saving enormous amounts of capital that can be invested more strategically into other aspects of your project. Our clients report up to 40% savings when they choose to complete their metal fabrication projects offshore.


Dedicated Offshore Success Manager

When you choose to complete your metal fabrication project offshore, you will have your very own Dedicated Offshore Success Manager who represents your project from start to finish. Ensuring that your offshore metal manufacturing project runs seamlessly is their modus operandi, and they are there every step of the way—from project quotation up to delivery and beyond.


Increased Capacity Where it Counts

Managing large projects efficiently can save immeasurable amounts of time and money. When you decide to complete your metal fabrication project offshore, it allows you to reinvest your valuable time into other aspects of your project or business that can’t be outsourced safely. Once you have used our services once, and you have been able to invest your attention elsewhere with 100% confidence that Dragon Metal has you covered, we are certain that you will want to have Dragon Metal as an integrated partner in your production cycle.


Can you offer a quality guarantee on my offshore Metal Fabrication Project?


At Dragon Metal, we are so confident of our offshore metal fabrication processes that we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products received. We have 30 years of experience sourcing, manufacturing and working alongside the best metal fabrication factories in China—and with quality assurance procedures every step of the way, nothing slips through the cracks.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our offshore metal fabrication services we offer various options to rectify any possible issues, either in terms of replacements, reworking or refunds.


Is my offshore Metal Fabrication Project’s IP safe?

Much like here on Australian shores, your IP is protected by confidentiality agreements and therefore, law. All of our offshore metal fabrication partners and teams are vetted and have decades of abiding by such agreements behind them. In all our years of operation, we have never had a breach of a clients’ IP rights.


Do larger offshore Metal Fabrication projects get discounted?

Depending on the scope of your project—yes larger offshore metal fabrication projects may be subject to further discounts on top of the standard economies of scale. Dragon Metal always looks at projects in a holistic manner and works with each customer to build up production in the most efficient way possible. Many of our customers like to schedule monthly meetings with us to discuss their forecasts and Metal Fabrication projects and consider us an integral part of their development and production team.


Can I visit your offshore facilities where my Project will be completed?

Yes. In fact, Dragon Metal encourages our clients to visit our offshore metal fabrication facilities for every new project, especially during the sample approval stage. This makes it possible to reduce time to market while also offering our customers complete transparency and visibility of the manufacturing processes. Once our clients see the quality of tradesmanship and professionalism of the work environments offshore they find it hard to justify using Australian manufacturers for their future projects.


Much like in many other industries, rapid globalization is increasing the quality and efficiency of work by redistributing to countries that have more affordable processes. For years, cheaper has been associated with lower quality. At Dragon Metal, we believe that when you visit our offshore facilities where your metal fabrication project is being completed you will see how far this is from the truth.


Are Dragon Metal’s offshore facilities of Australian standard?

All Dragon Metal offshore facilities where your metal fabrication projects are manufactured have been vetted and work to ISO:9001 standards. With modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes, offshore facilities meet, if not exceed Australian standards. You’ll be amazed at how far China’s come in the offshore metal fabrication industry as they continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with resources when managed professionally.

Furthermore, when special welding standards need to be met and documented, Dragon Metal is able to certify its welders to Australian standards through SGS in China.

Want to know more about our Offshore Metal Fabrication Services? Read more in our Blog.


We can assist you with all your manufacturing and sourcing needs. Whether you are looking to have products manufactured in China to your specification, or import a generic product, we can help.

Machining and Casting

We have a number of ISO:9001 metal manufacturers, each having their own specialty, including machining, casting, moulding and more.


We have the capacity to cut, bend, assemble and weld very large size and thick steel (up to 400mm thick) whilst working to small tolerances. Steel grades are tracked from the source to ensure the correct specification is provided.

Assembly and Sourcing

We can look after all your needs, for both large and small projects. The more the processes involved the more we can add value. We can also deliver partially and fully assembled products.

Dragon Metal Medical

We are partnered with a number of medical manufacturers to provide a range of products to the health sector. Some of these items include masks, gloves, suits, respirators and more.