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Everything you need to know to make an informed decision. HOW DID WE GET TO ROBOTS IN FACTORIES? The use of robots in manufacturing is becoming increasingly more popular as we find ways to increase productivity and improve their functionality. Their application now

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Home office, working from home during Covid-19 pandemic

How has covid changed the way we work?

One question we have been asked quite frequently over the past few months, is how Covid has changed the way we work at Dragon Metal. The short answer is, not much. At the front end, we are still communicating regularly with our customers

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Offshore Manufacturing -Inside a Chinese factory

Flying the flag through offshore manufacturing

Boosting Australian Made with offshore manufacturing. As Australia embarks upon a manufacturing revival, offshore solutions could well be the key to unlocking sustained growth for domestic producers. Rather than being seen as a threat or an alternative to Australian manufacturing, many are beginning

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Sanitiser Dispenser

Introducing… Dragon Health

Dragon Metal Manufacturing has been working behind the scenes to develop a range of its very own products. The first items we are introducing belong to our Dragon Health collection. These products address the demand for high quality products at a very competitive

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More bang for our buck

With the Australian dollar looking to remain strong throughout 2020 and 2021, reaching up to around US 75-77¢, this is a great time for importers as the resulting savings are substantial.

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Take the time to get ahead now!

PROMOTION – Limited time only To help Australian manufacturers get ahead in the second half of this year, Dragon Metal is offering a 10% discount on all projects quoted before the 31st of May. The COVID-19 epidemic has had a brutal impact on

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