Manufacturing Process: How Dragon Metal Operates?

Each manufacturing project is different, but they share a common goal: to streamline processes and achieve excellence. In the realm of offshore manufacturing, this pursuit of operational perfection is underpinned by a structured framework that paves the way for success. Dragon Metal, a name synonymous with precision and innovation, serves as a prime example, meticulously integrating this framework into its manufacturing process.

At its core, Dragon Metal’s operations embody an unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional results, evident in their systematic approach that transforms raw materials into top-tier products. Each project, with its unique specifications, follows a well-defined series of steps. This article provides comprehensive insight into Dragon Metal’s manufacturing process, offering a clear overview of their operational prowess from initial consultation through meticulous attention to detail in quality assurance and shipping stages. Prospective clients, manufacturing enthusiasts, and industry peers will gain valuable insights as we navigate the key stages that steer a manufacturing project from conception to realization.


Dragon Metal Overview

Dragon Metal Manufacturing, operating under an Australian head office in Brisbane, is a distinguished name in offshore manufacturing. Our extensive network of suppliers and partners, primarily based in China, positions us as a seamless bridge between visionary innovation and flawless execution.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from Metal Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, and Plastic Moulding to Surface Treatment and Assembly. Our commitment to uncompromising quality is paramount, with every project undergoing rigorous 100% quality assurance checks. This ensures that each product leaving our facilities embodies the pinnacle of precision and craftsmanship.

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our operations. As your manufacturing ally, we understand the significance of safeguarding your proprietary information. With Dragon Metal Manufacturing, your innovative concepts and designs are treated with the utmost discretion, fostering an environment of trust and reliability. Embark on a transformative manufacturing journey with Dragon Metal Manufacturing. Our fusion of Australian management and Chinese expertise is a testament to our dedication to realizing your vision. With decades of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we stand ready to bring your manufacturing aspirations to life.

Dragon Metal Operations and Manufacturing Process


At Dragon Metal Manufacturing, our consultation process serves as the vital gateway to understanding your projects. We offer versatile engagement options to suit your preferences and strive to adapt to our customers’ needs.

For a personalized touch, our in-person meetings provide a deep dive into your requirements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your vision. In a rapidly connected world, distance is no obstacle. Through discovery calls or video chats, we ensure real-time discussions, regardless of location. These make it possible to quickly assess whether we are a good fit for our new prospective customers.

Alternatively, we can look at projects over emails, allowing you to articulate project nuances at your own pace. Our meticulous review process aligns our understanding with your expectations. Whichever mode you choose, be it in-person, virtual, or written, rest assured that our focus remains unwaveringly on understanding your needs and setting the stage for a successful manufacturing journey.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Trust is the cornerstone of our partnership here at Dragon Metal. We prioritize your intellectual property with an unwavering commitment to complete confidentiality.

Your ideas, designs, and proprietary information are not just assets, but the foundation of innovation. Our promise of complete confidentiality ensures that your valuable insights remain safeguarded within the bounds of our collaboration. Dragon Metal also prides itself in having NDA agreements in place with all its manufacturing partners, ensuring that all involved treat confidentiality with utmost importance.

With Dragon Metal Manufacturing, you can confidently share your vision, knowing that every aspect of your project is protected. This dedication to confidentiality underscores our commitment to fostering a relationship built on trust and respect, allowing us to transform your concepts into exceptional products with the utmost integrity.

Request for Quote

When it comes to initiating your project at Dragon Metal Manufacturing, the process starts with a simple yet crucial step: requesting a quotation. Sharing your project details with us marks the beginning of our collaborative journey together.

The most crucial part of the RFQ (Request for Quotation) stage, is sharing your PDF technical drawings. These blueprints provide the initial insights into your project’s specifications and requirements. The meticulous review of these drawings allows us to grasp the essence of your products and lay the groundwork for the manufacturing process. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to share any 3D CAD models (e.g., .STP, .IGS, etc.). These often show the full complete assembly of your product, and you may also have component CAD models.

Whenever there are numerous components it is best practice to provide a Bill of Materials (BOM) file with your RFQ. A BOM file is generally a list of all the components, specifying the material, surface treatment and manufacturing method of all the items needed to quote and therefore speeds up the project review stage.

Drawing review

Once we have your drawings, the detailed process of drawing review commences at Dragon Metal Manufacturing. We leave no detail unchecked as we scrutinize the technical drawings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your vision.

Simultaneously, our expert team conducts a precise cost and lead time calculation. This detailed evaluation allows us to provide you with accurate estimates for your project. At Dragon Metal Manufacturing, transparency is paramount, and we aim to present you with a clear understanding of the financial aspects as well as the timing.

Our commitment to excellence means that we take the necessary time to ensure accuracy in every aspect of the drawing review. On average, this comprehensive process takes around 2 weeks, as we diligently analyse each element, and carefully consider all aspects of production, from material procurement to machine time and QA.

Submit Quotation

Once your project’s intricacies are analysed, we promptly send you a detailed quotation. This comprehensive document outlines the estimated costs and timelines, providing you with a clear picture of the investment required for your endeavour.

We understand the significance of informed decisions, which is why we incorporate a quotation review stage. This allows you the opportunity to delve into the specifics, ask questions, and seek clarifications. At Dragon Metal Manufacturing, we stand ready to address any inquiries, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding before proceeding.

Client’s Quotation review

After submitting the detailed quotation, we schedule a prompt follow up with a call or visit to discuss the project in more detail with particular focus on the pricing, lead time, and project requirements.

We believe in open communication, where your questions and considerations are addressed in real-time. Our dedicated team is readily available to provide insights, clarity, and solutions, ensuring that you are well-informed before making any decisions.

Your approval of the pricing and project details marks a crucial milestone in our collaborative journey. With your consent, we seamlessly proceed to the next step, where your vision comes to life through our manufacturing expertise.

Dragon Metal prioritises your satisfaction above all else. If our pricing is not competitive, we seek to understand your target prices, exploring every avenue to find the best solution. If needed, we are willing to quote through other factories, ensuring that your project is executed with the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Purchase Order

Before proceeding with your order, our dedicated team takes proactive measures to address all your concerns. We leave no stone unturned, focusing on clarity and understanding to guarantee that your expectations are met at every turn.

Furthermore, our commitment to efficiency extends to optimizing shipping quantities. By fine-tuning this aspect, we aim to streamline logistics, ensuring that your products reach their destination seamlessly, without delay and in the most cost-effective way possible.

Quality is paramount at Dragon Metal Manufacturing. As part of the purchase order process, all necessary Quality Assurance (QA) testing is rigorously examined and approved. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that your products meet the highest standards before they leave our facilities.

Production Timing

The production timing journey commences with the creation of the initial sample, a process that takes approximately 45 days. This span allows for thorough craftsmanship and thorough testing, ensuring that the prototype meets your exacting standards.

Upon your approval of the sample, full-scale production commences. With the first sample as a reference, we swiftly transition into the manufacturing phase, where each intricate detail is replicated with utmost precision. This stage reflects our commitment to adaptability and prompt action.

The remaining production cycle takes around 30 days. This timeframe encapsulates the intricate processes that culminate in the creation of your product. Our dedicated team’s meticulous attention to detail at every step ensures that the final outcome mirrors your expectation.

QA Process

A robust Quality Assurance (QA) process underpins our commitment to delivering products of unparalleled quality. This comprehensive approach commences with QA testing and report generation after the first sample is created. We diligently analyse the initial sample, addressing any potential issues and fine-tuning the production process to meet your exact specifications.

As production progresses, our diligent QA Engineers prepare a mid-production QA report, seeking your approval at this critical juncture. This step ensures that every aspect of the manufacturing process aligns with your vision, guaranteeing seamless progress towards the final product.

Before shipment, a final QA inspection takes place, scrutinising every detail after surface treatment. This meticulous evaluation further solidifies our dedication to excellence, ensuring that your products meet our stringent quality standards.


Efficient shipping is the final piece of the puzzle. Although most companies already have a preferred freight forwarder, we are happy to recommend companies we have used in the past and trust. Freight forwarders always estimate the expected delivery time of your products, and at times shipments can be delayed. To help minimise this risk, Dragon Metal keeps in touch with the designated freight forwarder to book containers and have them loaded onto the fastest and most direct ships possible.

Partner with Dragon Metal Manufacturing

As an essential element of our manufacturing process, partnering with Dragon Metal introduces you to a realm of uncompromising quality and innovative prowess. Our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and precision ensures that your journey is guided by expertise at every turn.

Confidentiality stands as a pillar of our operations, laying the groundwork for a relationship built on trust. Our structured framework, spanning Metal Manufacturing to Assembly, guarantees meticulous manufacturing of your drawings according to your specifications. Choosing Dragon Metal means committing to excellence, which is evident in our meticulous drawing reviews, transparent quotations, stringent quality checks, and efficient shipping options. Embrace the synergy of innovation and expertise and elevate your manufacturing experience by partnering with Dragon Metal – where your aspirations become reality with unmatched precision.

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