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We can look after all your needs, for both large and small projects. With our management systems it is possible to start manufacturing simple component parts, cut and bent, which is often stage 1. We can then progress to Stage 2, which can include as much additional work as required, usually starting with welding and assembly and progressing to completed products including painting, and even installation of sub component parts.

We have the capacity to cut, bend, assemble and weld very large size and thick steel (cutting up to 400mm thick) whilst working to small tolerances, manufactured to specification. Steel and aluminium grades are tracked from the source to ensure the correct specification is provided.

For stainless steel fabrication, since there are many standards, we work with our clients to ensure that all their specific needs are met. We have the ability to manufacture simple or complex products, including high pressure tanks, skid mounted installations for export, or just precision fittings. Projects can be large scale or small.