Welding Table

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Welding Table

Description: Modular welding table 2D and 3D.

Texture: Steel (Q345)/casting (HT300)

The tables can have D28 circular bores that are evenly distributed every 100mm or D16 circular bores distributed every 50mm. These bores can be used for adding the locating modules and fixtures.

The supporting legs have 3 standard sizes (620mm, 450mm and 200mm) and also include adjustable foot pads with a range of 0-30mm. The legs can also be custom made to meet special requirements.


· L-shaped Cube cases

· Supporting Angle Iron

· Angle Gauge

· Locating Angle Squares

· Locating Leveling Rulers

· Plane Angle Squares

· V-shaped locaters

· Brushes

· Clamps

· Toggle Clamps

· Locking Pins

· Tool Carts