Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide shipping services?

Dragon Metal Manufacturing does not usually get involved in shipping and most of our customers already have their own freight forwarding solution. Having said that, we can certainly recommend a verified freight forwarder that our other customers are happy with. Also, our factory logistics team always works closely with your freight forwarding agent to ensure parts are collected and sent off as quickly as possible. We also provide all shipping documents and certificate of origin quickly so that you can get your parts into Australia duty free.

Do you make prototypes?

Our whole business model is based around being a production company and we add more value the more processes and the higher volumes we can achieve. If your designs are not quite ready for market, it might be better to get a prototype made locally just to make sure everything works correctly. Then, we can help with a first small production run and, in this stage, we will make a first sample. For the approval process we generally invite our customers over to the factory to meet everyone involved in the project and sign off on the sample before moving to production. Alternatively, if coming to visit the factory is not possible we can ship the sample out for approval.

How do I specify what colour I want my products to be?

Many customers specify a RAL or Pantone colour, however for a more accurate colour match, we recommend sending over a colour sample to the factory. This allows us to make sure that the colour is exactly what you ask for regardless of the possible sanding process and primer used.

Can you certify parts are made to Australian Standards?

For materials, we generally use the equivalent version found on the local market and these are commonly accepted. If a special particular material is requested we have experience importing the material from Australia or other South East Asian countries. For welding and other manufacturing processes we can work with SGS who do third party qualification to ensure manufactured goods comply to the standards you require. If you have any particular requirements feel free to reach out to your Dragon Metal representative who will be able to guide you through the process.

Do you offer rough quotation estimates based on weight?

Although many Australian manufacturers, especially those working in construction or involved in tenders and larger projects, can generally provide rough pricing based on material cost/tonnage etc., we prefer involving our partner factories from the start and reviewing each project together in more detail to provide accurate pricing. In some instances we understand this may not be possible and that a rough guesstimate may be needed to help get a project approved internally. If this is the case, please discuss with your Dragon Metal representative and they will review the project and evaluate whether rough pricing can be provided. 

Can I get a quotation without technical drawings?

Since Dragon Metal is a production manufacturing company, we do not generally get involved with designing and we expect our customers to be able to provide clear drawings ready for manufacture. Without manufacturing drawings it is impossible for us to provide a quotation. If you do have a project ready for production but are unable to modify your existing drawings or have minimal changes that are needed, feel free to get in touch with your Dragon Metal representative and they will discuss with our engineers.

Can I visit the manufacturing factory before committing to production?

Most certainly! We invite all our customers to visit the factory where their products are being made, especially for the first sample approval process. In this way we have an approved golden sample at the factory to base production off, and we can move from sample to production much faster than if the sample needs to be shipped to Australia for approval. Visiting the factory and meeting the team gives our customers more confidence in our capabilities and provides more clarity and transparency.

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