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If you’re looking for metal fabrication services in Brisbane then you’ve come to the right place. With many Australian project managers only becoming aware of the possibilities of offshore fabrication services now, you are still at the forefront of a highly profitable industry.


Don’t disregard us as a non-Australian company— our Founder and director as well as our sales and customer support teams are all Australian and have lived in Brisbane for many years.


With extensive cross-cultural and management experience in Asia, we have set up operations and project management offices in China, where highly skilled engineers help oversee all our manufacturing and quality assurance processes. With decades of experience facilitating offshore metal fabrication for our local partners and projects in Brisbane, Dragon Metal knows the ins and outs of what makes a metal fabrication project between international parties run smoothly.


We understand the needs and expectations of the Australian market in Brisbane and surrounds, and guarantee that all of our partners in China adhere to and exceed these expectations. After seeing the advancements in technology, work processes and quality of tradesmenship in China, we thought it our duty to provide these metal fabrication opportunities to local Brisbane businesses.

Why Dragon Metal should be your first choice for Metal Fabrication in Brisbane

As China continues to fly the banner and take the lead in many industries around the world, it’s unsurprising that their advancements in metal fabrication have been unbeatable. Dragon Metal’s goal is to bring these opportunities home to Brisbane businesses, and to position our company as the preferred metal fabrication service in Brisbane and Australia.


Choosing to complete or manufacture component parts for your metal fabrication project offshore with our partners isn’t just recommended, it’s game-changing. Below are 3 of the biggest reasons our offshore metal fabrication is right for your business.


Greater Profit Margins


As previously mentioned, the price of labour, materials, processes, and shipping can all be significantly cheaper when your metal fabrication services are completed in China. A common misconception that many of our new clients have, concerns shipping costs. Many assume that, although it is cheaper to complete projects offshore, shipping them back to Brisbane or other major cities will bring the costs back up. This is not the case. Shipping a manufactured, fabricated, and assembled project from China to Brisbane or another Australian capital can be cheaper than transporting the same project via truck between two capital cities.


For example, a shipment from Shanghai to Melbourne in a 40-foot container is likely to be cheaper than moving a project of the same size from Sydney to Melbourne via truck.


When clients zoom out and look at the bigger picture, and realise that not only is shipping cheaper, but almost every other aspect of the project as well, it becomes a necessity to complete your metal fabrication projects offshore. Some of our clients have thanked us for helping them save up to 40% on their metal fabrication projects when they completed them offshore with our partners in China. In other words, the more value we add the greater the savings.


Dedicated Client Liason


When you start working with us, you will be put in touch with your very own Dedicated Offshore Success Manager who keeps you informed and up to date with the status of your metal fabrication project. From project quotation to delivery, your Offshore Success Manager will be at your service ensuring that, even though your project has been sent offshore, it will still be as transparent and smooth as if it were manufactured locally. You will be able to directly communicate your requests and instructions and be kept up to date with the status of your metal fabrication projects.


Reinvest Money in Brisbane Projects


An enormous part of completing projects successfully is resource management. When you work with our Brisbane team to complete your metal fabrication project, your profit margins are destined to increase. This leaves you more money to reinvest into teams, processes, equipment and much more here, on home soil. When you outsource to our industry-leading teams in China, you are opening up more opportunities for your Brisbane business to succeed, expand, and have a greater impact on the Australian community. Projects are more likely to be completed on time and on budget, which is great for all involved.


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Can you offer a quality guarantee on my Metal Fabrication when it arrives in Brisbane?



Here at Dragon Metal, we are so confident of our offshore metal fabrication processes that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction when you receive your metal fabrication parts in Brisbane.


When you have been doing this for 30 years, you build strong assurance procedures and a reputation to uphold. We have team members in Australia and on the ground in China dedicated to maintaining quality assurance procedures at every step of the project. It’s this devotion to quality assurance that allows us to guarantee that your metal fabrication projects will exceed your expectations back in Brisbane.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our metal fabrication services, we offer various options to rectify any possible issues, either in terms of replacements, reworking or refunds.

Is my Metal Fabrication Project’s IP safe?

Much like here on Australian shores, your IP is protected by confidentiality agreements and therefore, law. All of our offshore metal fabrication partners and teams are vetted and have decades behind them of abiding by such agreements. In all our years of operation, we have never had a breach of clients’ IP rights.

As a large Brisbane Metal Fabrication project, will I receive discounts offshore?

Depending on the scope of your Brisbane metal fabrication project— in addition to the standard savings due to economies of scale, you may receive further discounts. At Dragon Metal we like to be your integrated partner and work with you to meet your goals because, if you are successful, so are we. We are always willing to put skin in the game for our customers to help them win more orders and grow with them. For this reason, we quote all metal fabrication production projects holistically.

Can I visit your offshore facilities where my Metal Fabrication Project will be completed?

Of course. We actually encourage our clients to visit our offshore facilities where their Brisbane metal fabrication project will be completed — as we’re sure it’ll be the only push you need to complete all future metal fabrication projects in this way. You will be escorted and guided through the facility by your Dedicated Customer Success Manager and introduced to all members working on your project. Being at the factory for the first sample approval process is strongly recommended as, in addition to reducing time to market, it also saves considerable amounts of time and money for our customers.


On this site visit, you’ll be able to see just how advanced China has become. For years, cheaper has been associated with lower quality. We are certain a site visit to our offshore partners will change this perception.

Are Dragon Metal’s offshore facilities of Metal Fabrication standard?

All of the offshore facilities Dragon Metal uses to complete your metal fabrication projects in China have been vetted and work to ISO:9001 standards. With modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes, offshore facilities meet, if not exceed the standards you expect in Brisbane. You’ll be amazed at how far China’s come in the offshore metal fabrication industry as they continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with resources when managed professionally.


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