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Dragon Metal provides companies and individuals with the best offshore metal manufacturing solutions with a wide range of services. From fabrication to machining, we guarantee quality and fast service to all our clients.

Our Australian customers trust Dragon Metal’s offshore manufacturing ability and strategies to satisfy their needs as we offer high-quality services and have a professional team who will make sure that the metal manufacturing process is flawless.

To ensure your company’s needs are met, we have teams in both Australia and China dedicated specifically to Metal Manufacturing. With our team of professionals, we give our customers the quality service they deserve for their Metal Manufacturing projects.

Dragon Metal has built trust and strong relationships with many partners. We are available to assist you in both small and large projects, providing a cutting-edge manufacturing experience, helping you meet all deadlines and exceeding all your expectations.

Why choose Dragon Metal for your Metal Manufacturing Project?

Dragon Metal’s network involves a plethora of clients who trust in its ability to complete each project on time and pay attention to every detail. Our metal manufacturing team works according to Australian standards, and all our factories are ISO-9001 certified.

Our clients choose us because of three main reasons:


  1. Transparency

Dragon Metal has built trust with all factories in its network, and it is entirely transparent with the chosen supplier. We encourage our customers to visit the selected Chinese factory so they can see where the metal manufacturing process takes place and be present to approve the first samples and ensure everything is made to specification. Our engineers are always happy to work with our customers to optimize the production cycle and reducing time to market.


  1. Confidentiality

Although Dragon Metal is entirely transparent with its suppliers, it offers contracts to ensure that customers’ information remains fully confidential. Before any data is passed around, Dragon Metal’s team makes sure each piece of confidential information is kept secure and all measures are taken to minimise any potential risk. All our contracts are covered by Australian law, so customers do not have to worry about their information not being safe and secure.


  1. Customer Satisfaction

Our team takes care of each customer and offers full support throughout every step of the process, from first contact to beyond post-production. In fact, we are in it for the long run and aim to be our customers’ long term manufacturing partner. We are always here for our customers, to listen to them, and make sure that our metal manufacturing process exceeds all expectations. With Dragon Metal’s unrivaled personal support, frictionless project management, and our quality guarantee, you will not only feel satisfied but also delighted.


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What Are The Various Processes Of A Metal Manufacturing Project?

We consider Metal manufacturing projects all our production work that involves the cutting, bending, casting, machining and/or assembling of mostly metal components.

Dragon Metal’s metal manufacturing process involves the following stages:

  • First Stage – Design and drawing review: Our engineers will review the project to make sure all requirements have been received and are clear and then work with the most suitable partner to provide a proposal contract.
  • Second Stage – Once the quotation with timing and lead time is approved, we purchase the material for the order and production gets kicked off.
  • Third Stage – Sample: A first sample is made and inspected to confirm that the product is made according to the specifications provided. Our Metal Manufacturing Processes will vary depending on the nature of the product, for example, it may be machined, cast, or fabricated and may require surface treatment and surface finish after partial or full assembly.
  • Fourth Stage – Production: Once the sample has been approved, Dragon Metal will complete production, offering a detailed quality report illustrating all the dimensions inspected and photos of the parts to be approved before shipment.
  • Fifth Stage – Delivery: Our service does not finish when the shipment has been delivered; our Customer Satisfaction Representatives will provide feedback about the project and will explore if there is a way to optimise future production any further.

Is My Metal Manufacturing Project’s IP safe?

The short answer – is yes.

Dragon Metal is proud of its confidentiality. Your metal manufacturing project’s IP is always safe with us as we provide you with the best security and privacy possible. Our company is trusted by many Australian manufacturers, who know that we abide to strict confidentiality standards and protocols to protect all our customer IP, and who enjoy peace of mind knowing that their IP will remain confidential during the whole metal manufacturing process and beyond.

Can I visit your offshore facilities where my project will be completed?

Yes, we highly recommend that our customers come to visit our offshore facilities where their projects are manufactured. Being part of the first sample stage, or visiting the factory during the other stages can help speed up production time and reduce time to market. Our team will be present at the factory 24/7, to make sure that everything is impeccably managed and on track. Dragon Metal’s team is available for you during the entire project!

How can I contact Dragon Metal for my Metal Manufacturing Project?

There are several ways you can get in touch with us at Dragon Metal; you can reach us by phone or via email at: Alternatively, you can also, visit our site and use our online chat or our contact form. If you fill out our online form, our representatives will get back to you within a few hours.

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