Welcome to Dragon Metal Manufacturing, your premier destination for tailored offshore manufacturing solutions. With a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, we specialise in crafting customised manufacturing strategies designed to optimise your production processes. Whether you’re seeking to reduce manufacturing costs or enhance production capacity, our expertise spans across diverse industries, including agriculture, mining, transportation, heavy vehicles, sports equipment, and consumer goods. 


Our collaborative approach in the agricultural sector fosters innovation and meets market demand. At Dragon Metal, we fabricate diverse machinery for modern farming, including equipment for grain, cotton, and macadamia production, as well as tractor accessories and various implements. From water tanks to conveyor systems, we deliver solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency, empowering farmers to achieve optimal results.


We have established ourselves as trusted partners in the mining industry thanks to our dedication to quality and compliance to standards. Collaborating with our customers in the mining sector we have helped develop and produce a diverse range of projects tailored to meet the unique demands of the mining industry. From essential machinery accessories to advanced equipment like lighting towers, augers and conveyor systems, Dragon Metal delivers solutions that optimise productivity and efficiency.


We've solidified our position as trusted partners in heavy vehicle manufacturing through our commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards. Collaborating closely with our customers in the heavy vehicle sector, we've helped develop and produce a diverse range of products tailored to meet the demanding needs of this industry. From truck chassis to sweeper bodies, seat frames, loaders, and an array of components and accessories, Dragon Metal delivers solutions that excel in both performance and durability.


Dragon Metal stands as a leading partner in the transport sector, renowned for our collaborative approach and expertise in developing, scaling up, and mass-producing a diverse range of products. Working closely with our esteemed customers in transportation, we've played an integral role in bringing innovations to market, from safety-critical seating solutions to high-performance accessories for motor vehicles and motorsports. Our capabilities extend to the production of components for electric vehicle batteries, trailers, boxes, as well as vehicle maintenance and servicing equipment.


At Dragon Metal, our expertise extends beyond traditional sectors, as we thrive on collaborating with clients across diverse industries to bring their innovative ideas to life. We have been instrumental in the development and production of a wide array of projects. From sophisticated simulation equipment and hardware to accessories for the construction industry, as well as sports and performance equipment, and consumer products, Dragon Metal is at the forefront of turning concepts into reality.

At Dragon Metal, we pride ourselves on being your comprehensive manufacturing partner, offering a wide array of services to meet your exact specifications. From precision machining of metal and plastic components to comprehensive assembly solutions, we ensure the highest quality standards at every step. Our versatile capabilities extend to providing a variety of fabrication and surface treatment options, ensuring your products meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. With Dragon Metal, you can trust in our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence and forging enduring partnerships, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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