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Welcome to Dragon Metal Manufacturing (DMM), your trusted partner in offshore manufacturing solutions since 1992. With a steadfast commitment to quality and efficiency, we have been instrumental in helping manufacturers across diverse industries reduce costs and enhance production capacity.

At DMM, we understand that each of our clients is unique, with distinct needs and specifications. Over the years, we’ve collaborated on projects spanning a wide spectrum of industries, including agricultural machinery, mining equipment, transportation, heavy vehicles, sports performance gear, and consumer products.

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive offshore manufacturing solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re launching a new product or seeking to streamline your production process, we offer a range of services to meet your needs:



Dragon Metal provides companies and individuals with the best offshore manufacturing solutions with a wide range of services, including sheet metal and steel fabrication, machining, casting and a wide range of plastic moulding processes as well as partial and full assembly, all supplied with our quality guarantee.



Unleash the full potential of metal fabrication with our comprehensive range of services, tailored to meet your exact needs. Whether you require precision CNC machining, intricate laser cutting, robust sheet metal fabrication, or advanced robotic welding for aluminum and beyond, we have the expertise and capability to bring your projects to fruition. Explore the advantages of offshore fabrication now, and start to poised for success with our diverse range of metals and unparalleled craftsmanship, no matter where you are.


Plastic Moulding

Unlock a world of precision and versatility with Dragon Metal's comprehensive suite of plastic moulding services. From expert injection moulding to innovative compression moulding, dynamic rotational moulding, seamless plastic extrusion, and advanced blow moulding techniques, we offer a spectrum of solutions tailored to your exact needs. Explore our range and elevate your production capabilities today.

Surface Treatment

We have a wide range of surface treatments to choose from, for all your needs. From hardening to plating and hot dip galvanizing and from priming to painting and powder coating.


With our network of factories with different specialties, we can be your one-stop-shop for all projects, delivering partially or even fully assembled products including a wide range of surface treatment and surface finishing options.


If you are looking to reduce costs of a standard product, we can help you find a cheaper alternative, if you are having trouble finding a particular product, we will be able to help.

Quality Guarantee Offshore Manufacturing Solutions

We understand that quality control and compliance are paramount concerns in offshore manufacturing solutions. That’s why we’ve implemented stringent measures to mitigate risks and guarantee the quality of our products. Our 100% quality guarantee ensures that your parts are manufactured to your exact specifications. In the rare event of any discrepancies, we take swift action to rectify the issue, whether through remanufacturing, local rework, or issuing credit notes.

At DMM, we’re more than just a offshore manufacturing partner – we’re your ally in driving innovation, efficiency, and success. Experience the DMM difference and unlock the full potential of your manufacturing operations.

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