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At Dragon Metal, we take pride in being a premier partner within the transport industry. Our extensive collaboration with Australian manufacturers, specifically those serving the public transport sector, has allowed us to accumulate a wealth of experience. As a result, we have become the go-to choice for companies seeking to optimize their production cycle within this industry.

With a product portfolio ranging from seat frames for buses and ferries, to busbars and clamps for the EV sector, to all kinds of trailers and motor vehicle accessories, as well as equipment for testing vehicle safety and for traffic management to name a few, our production solutions are endless.

Having a large amount of our products used on public transport here in Australia, testifies to our commitment to quality and safety. In fact, we provide inspection certificates with all the material we use on our products to ensure it meets the necessary standards.

We also offer a double level of quality assurance, with our chosen factory’s in-house QA process and our external Dragon Metal quality inspection. This gives us such confidence in the products we make that we offer 100% quality guarantee on everything we manufacture.

 So, become one of our many customers in the transportation sector who are already benefiting from our tailored solutions and commitment to excellence.

At Dragon Metal, we don’t just manufacture — we help you transform your business.


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